National Programs

Our Programs:
Homework Power Hour:
where members can begin work on homework and receive assistance if it is needed.
National Programs:
Quality, evidence based programs designed to make members aware of the choices they have in life and how to make good decisions.  Programs include pre and post tests to show learning has taken place and are designed to increase self- esteem and self awareness in members, as well as good social skills, and a strong foundation of good character.  Programs are rotated throughout the year and offered by age group.
Some National Programs are:

  • Healthy Habits- eating healthy, making healthy decisions in your diet and staying physically fit.

  • Triple Play Social Recreation- providing positive social skills development.

  • Drama Matters

     -Drama Education that includes script work, performance practice, etc

  • SMART Moves-  prevention/education program that addresses problems such as drug and alcohol use and premature sexual activity.

  • SMART Girls- is a health, fitness, prevention/education and self esteem enhancement.

  • Passport to Manhood- promotes and teaches responsibility in Club boys ages 11-14.

  • Triple Play Sports- comprehensive health and wellness program, strives to improve members overall health by increasing physical activity.

  • Career Launch- Career exploration and mentoring program.

  • Money Matters- promotes financial responsibility and independence among members.

  • Youth for Unity- aims to promote and celebrate diversity while combating prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination.